The Future has arrived! Vuforia 6.1 发布,正式支持HoloLens!

“The Future has arrived!” 2016年11月16日,增强虚拟现实开发平台Vuforia正式公布了6.1版本支持HoloLens开发!

Vuforia是一个被广泛应用的增强现实开发平台,开发者可以通过其提供的简单API提供强劲的增强显示计算机视觉效果。通过Unity游戏引擎(交互3D体验的开发工具)扩展提供了C、Java、Objective-C和.Net语言的应用程序编程接口。从而开发者可以创建一个在手机,平板,虚拟现实查看器和智能眼镜都可以运行的应用程序。今年3月份Vuforia发布了对HoloLens的支持计划,8月份发布了Early Access测试版本。现在正式版本正式面向开发者。  (Vuforia官网发布)

Vuforia & HoloLens: A Powerful Combination

While HoloLens is already capable of augmented reality experiences out-of-the-box, Vuforia’s ability to recognize and track images, objects, and environments make these experiences even more engaging. Vuforia introduces the new ability to automatically and accurately attach experiences to specific things in the environment. This increased placement accuracy is essential for use cases that require exact alignment with reality. For example, if a service technician needs to know which widget to replace in a congested compartment, the added accuracy of Vuforia helps highlight the right one. Vuforia can place objects in the environment automatically as well. Rather than an air-tap gesture to place something in digital space, the Vuforia Engine can place it automatically to the real-world with its robust computer vision and recognition capabilities.






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